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By day, a kickass truck saleswoman.
By night, a woman in need of a straight jacket.
So, who am I?

I love long walks with my ball loving dog, tequila and bourbon, and figuring out how to blow the minds of my readers. Actually, I love crushing the hearts of my readers and I'm thankful that they enjoy it.

I began writing in 2010 but didn't publish the first until 2015. My characters are diverse. I don’t shy away from a Yakuza princess that will rock her bean in a parked car, or an all African American Motorcycle Club trying for the legit life. Their stories showcase their beauty, their flaws and all.

I can guarantee that between the pages you'll find sarcasm, devious villains, dangerous situations, and twisted endings, because it's fun. After all, nothing in life is easy, so why should I be easy on those I write?

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